14 Nisan 2016

Essentials: Exam Week

Hello Beauties! The first weeks of April mean midterms to me, I've just took them all and decided to write this post. I'm going to talk about some of my "Exam Week Essentials".

2016 Agenda

A daily agenda really helps me to planning my exam days, study times. And planning the stressy terms in black and white prevents to loom large the problems in your mind. This is basically how I manage the stress.

Concealer & Nude Eyeliner

It's a real struggle finding time to doing makeup at exam weeks but if you have a couple of minutes you can look like more awake and rested in 2 steps. Applying concealer to inner corner and underneath the eyes in a triangle shape makes a huge difference, also applying a nude eyeliner into your waterline makes your eyes look wider and more awake.

Black Coffe & Huge Mug

And tons of coffee... I usually drink coffee with cream or milk but when it comes to exam week I prefer black coffee to stay awake for hours. I hate black coffee but you know don't judge me! And I love to drink whatever coffee or tea with this Starbucks mug. It was from 2014 Christmas season, I really love this lovely huge red mug.There're deers on it, so sweet.


I take notes on computer at some classes, so if I want study at library or somewhere else it's easy to take my notes with me otherwise I have to carry all these heavy books or something. And I also prefer computer to phone for things like surfing the internet, checking my e-mails.

White Sneakers

When you don't know what to wear at early morning a white sneaker matches with most of your clothes and save time!



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